About us

MiA - Mujeres in Action is the first organization in the Spokane region dedicated to serving survivors of domestic and sexual violence from the Latinx communities. It began in 2018 when founder and Executive Director, Hanncel Sanchez, realized there was a gap in culturally responsive services for Spanish-speaking survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence. She shared her concern with others and gathered the support not only from her family, pastors, and Eastern Washington University professor, but also from Lutheran Community Services of Northwest and the YWCA of Spokane.


At the end of September of 2018, MiA was officially launched to the community with the Rompe el Silencio workshop. Since then, MiA has been providing culturally responsive life-saving services and resources to Latinx survivors and their families, as well as educating the community from a Latinx perspective to end family violence.

Towards the end of 2019, the Group Health Foundation supported MiA with its first grant that enabled the non-profit to hire its first two employees. In September of 2020 MiA and the YWCA of Spokane partnered to provide safe housing options to survivors facing very high housing barriers. Today, MiA continues to grow with the support of the community.


MiA - Mujeres in Action is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and material or cash donations made to MiA - Mujeres in Action are entirely tax-deductible (83-2464309)

We believe that all people can embrace their identity, define their future and change the world.

Our mission


  • Help and advocate for survivors of domestic violence and / or sexual assault.

  • Increase access to culturally relevant services for survivors

  • Educating the community about sexual and domestic violence from a Latinx perspective to eradicate family violence.


Our vision

Guiding the community from survival to wellbeing.

Our Staff

Hanncel Sanchez (Ella/She/Her) - Executive Director

509-701-9694 / Hsanchez@miaspokane.org

Ana Trusty (Ella/She/Her) - Director of Communication

509-599-5527 / Atrusty@miaspokane.org

Citlalli Briseño (Ella/She/Her) - Mente & Corazón Advocate Counselor

 509-869-0876 / Cbriseno@miaspokane.org

Marixza Ortiz (Ella/She/Her) - Puerto Seguro Housing Advocate

 509-879-7400 / mortiz@miaspokane.org

Montserrat Stock - Human Resources Manager

509-475-1472 / mstock@miaspokane.org 

Emily Griesenbeck - AmeriCorps VISTA Program Evaluator

509-714-7565 / egriesenbeck@miaspokane.org 

Jesus Torres- Political Advocate / Organizer

509-879-6754 / jtorres@miaspokane.org

Arturo Novoa - Mente & Corazón Advocate Counselor

509-879-1248 / anovoa@miaspokane.org

Martina Hernández - Program Coordinator

509-879-1031 / mhernandez@miaspokane.org

Priscilla Hernández - Intercesora de agresión sexual para juventud

509-879-2350 / phernandez@miaspokane.org